Second year

Majestic Group Global Logistics Inc is wonderfully blessed with associates who possess unmatched skills, top notch intelligence and most of all, undying love and loyalty to the company. With my beloved MGG Family alongside, we will not just get bigger as a company but also grow tremendously with our customers who we owe everything to. […]

The Foundation of MGG Logistics Inc

Over the period of time that I have worked in this logistics business, I’ve learned that the company grows bigger and stronger when everyone is in sync with the vision and mission of the company. The united team stands stronger when tested by challenges. The strong team never fizzles in the event of adversities because […]


Majestic Group Global Logistics Inc believe and live by in these 3 meaningful words….FAITH, LOVE and FAMILY. We have great FAITH in each other in making our company grow bigger. That same faith makes us LOVE not only the company we continually build but also share our undying love for one another. With that same […]

Successful First Half

The 1st half of 2014 has just ended, MGG and its associates are very thankful to all of our clients for their continued support and business dealings. We sincerely thank you for growing with us and we look forward to great friendship and partnership for the years to come! May the Almighty Father bless us […]

Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam!

There are times when we feel so disheartened when we do not get what we ever wanted. We feel immensely disappointed and may think that we are not capable of attaining that very illusive goal. Arise and tackle the challenges of the goal. Look up high and ask for God’s assistance and get back on […]

First Quarter

First quarter of 2014 has been so promising for MGG Logistics Inc. Our website is finally done and new businesses have come in left and right. These are all results of our customers’ trust and recommendations to their peers in the business. MGG is so blessed to have dedicated associates who make themselves accountable in […]

Majestic Group Global Logistics Inc.

Majestic Group Global Logistics Inc. is Philippines’ rising star when it comes to logistics solutions. Each team member brings the leadership, expertise and vast experience in all freight forwarding and customs brokerage needs. The company stands by the principle of delivering for our customers, clients and partners, our utmost attention and the extra step to […]